Table 2

Operative and perioperative details

All PILs
n=32 (%)
Operative details
 Explanation of what will happen on the day of surgery13 (40.6)
 The need for an ITU bed for the operation to proceed10 (31.3)
 Description of the anaesthetic
  ‘General’ anaesthesia12 (37.5)
  Mention of methods of pain control10 (31.3)
 Description of the operation30 (93.8)
 Type of operation proposed19 (59.4)
 Approximate length of operation12 (37.5)
Perioperative details
 The need for tubes and drains
  Central line or peripheral cannula26 (81.3)
  Catheter28 (87.5)
  NG tube27 (84.4)
  Feeding jejunostomy27 (84.4)
  Chest drain(s)22 (68.8)
  Abdominal drain(s)31 (96.9)
 The need to be nursed in intensive care7 (21.9)
 The need for input from allied health professionals:
  Dietician22 (68.8)
  Physiotherapist30 (93.8)
Length of hospital stay
 Reporting of average length of hospital stay22 (68.8)
 Reporting of increased stay if complication(s) occur7 (21.9)
  • ITU, intensive therapy unit; NG, nasogastric tube; PIL, patient information leaflet.