Table 3

Means (95% Cl) of percentages of correct answers in the MCQ test before (pre-MCQ) and after (post-MCQ) in the ISS and OSS groups

Descriptive statistics
MCQ test
Per cent correct
Simulation interventionPre-MCQ mean* (start of training day)Post-MCQ mean* (end of training day)Mean difference*†
ISS69.4 (65.4 to 73.4)82.6 (79.3 to 85.8)−0.02 (−2.13 to 2.09) p=0.98
OSS70.6 (66.0 to 75.2)83.3 (80.4 to 86.1)
  • *Based on generalised estimating equations to account for potential correlation within teams.

  • †Adjusted for pre MCQ (ANCOVA).

  • ANCOVA, analysis of covariance; ISS, in situ simulation; MCQ, multiple choice question (range: 0–100%); OSS, off-site simulation.