Table 1

Studies reporting prevalence of multimorbidity in South Asia

Study SettingsSampleMethods
Sl noStudy (year)CountryStudy periodSample sizeAge in yearsSettingsData collectionNumber of diseases included
1Joshi et al, 200332IndiaJuly 1999–April 2000200>60Community based (urban and rural)Self-reported, medical records,
Physician’s diagnosis
27, ICD10 coding related to diseases
2Purty et al, 200624IndiaOctober 2002–October 2003320>60Community based (rural)Self-reported, Physician’s diagnosis, Laboratory investigations15
3Khanam et al, 201125BangladeshJuly 2003–March 2004625>60Community based (rural)Physician's diagnosis, Laboratory investigations9
4Chakraborty et al, 200427IndiaJanuary–March 2005420>60Community based (rural)Self-reported>12
5Swami et al, 200230India1998–1999362>65Community based (86% rural)Self-reported,
Physician’s diagnosis
>13 (System wise)
6Chakrabarty et al, 201026India2007495>60Community based (rural)Self-reported,
Physician’s diagnosis
16 (ICD-10 coding related diseases)
7Bhojani et al, 201316IndiaJune 2009–March 201044 514>18Community based (urban)Self-reportedAny chronic conditions
8Van Minh et al, 200820India
2005India (N=2080)
Bangladesh (N=8096)
25–65 yearsCommunity based predominantly ruralSelf-reported7
9Banjare and Pradhan 201428IndiaOctober 2011–February 2012320>60Community based (rural)Self-reported20 listed
10Pati et al, 201423India2007–201010 978>18Secondary data based WHO-SAGE wave 1 (Community based; 75% Rural)Self-reported9
11Arokiasamy et al, 201422India, China, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Ghana2007–1011 230>18Secondary data based WHO-SAGE wave 1 (community based; 75% rural)Self-reported8
12Vadrevu et al, 201529India2009815≥40Community based (rural)Self-reported and symptoms based6
13Arokiasamy et al, 201521India20101683>45Secondary data LASI
LASI (72% rural)
  • ICD10, 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems; LASI, Longitudinal Aging Study India; WHO-SAGE, World Health Organization- Study on global AGEing and adult health.