Table 2

Healthcare provider attitudes about adult immunisation

Synopsis of statementsAgreementNurses (%)Physicians (%)Pharmacists (%)p Value
It is important for adults to receive all recommended vaccines according to provincial guidelinesStrongly agree/agree87.190.691.50.0085
Neither agree nor disagree9.49.06.5
Disagree/strongly disagree3.50.42.0
Vaccines are more important for children than adultsStrongly agree/agree40.646.941.30.1370
Neither agree nor disagree16.819.521.0
Disagree/strongly disagree42.633.637.8
Vaccines that are recommended for adults should be available free of chargeStrongly agree/agree91.686.081.8<0.0001
Neither agree nor disagree5.911.59.3
Disagree/strongly disagree2.52.59.0
I do not have enough time to administer vaccines to adult patientsStrongly agree/agree15.825.133.5<0.0001
Neither agree nor disagree31.219.835.8
Disagree/strongly disagree53.055.030.8
It is difficult to keep track of adult patients’ vaccine statusStrongly agree/agree70.368.183.0<0.0001
Neither agree nor disagree14.416.311.0
Disagree/strongly disagree15.315.66.0
I think there should be a national electronic vaccine registry that keeps track of all the vaccines that I administer to my patientsStrongly agree/agree83.775.484.80.0041
Neither agree nor disagree11.418.110.5
Disagree/strongly disagree5.06.54.8
It is important to inform adult patients about the benefits and risks of adult vaccinationsStrongly agree/agree96.091.593.80.2388
Neither agree nor disagree3.06.75.3
Disagree/strongly disagree1.01.81.0
It is difficult to keep up with vaccination recommendations for adultsStrongly agree/agree54.554.764.3<0.0001
Neither agree nor disagree16.319.822.0
Disagree/strongly disagree29.225.513.8
It is important to use patient encounters as an opportunity to ask about their vaccine statusStrongly agree/agree93.685.782.30.0065
Neither agree nor disagree5.411.914.5
Disagree/strongly disagree1.02.53.3
I do not have adequate storage facilities to provide adult vaccinesStrongly agree/agree19.324.630.00.0002
Neither agree nor disagree29.716.819.8
Disagree/strongly disagree51.058.650.3
I am not sufficiently reimbursed to make offering adult immunisation worthwhileStrongly agree/agree12.443.752.3<0.0001
Neither agree nor disagree42.623.733.0
Disagree/strongly disagree45.032.614.8
I use visits of children as an opportunity to update vaccinations on accompanying adultsStrongly agree/agree30.739.321.0<0.0001
Neither agree nor disagree43.626.445.8
Disagree/strongly disagree25.734.333.3
I have a system in my practice to identify adults who have not received recommended vaccinesStrongly agree/agree34.734.011.3<0.0001
Neither agree nor disagree27.722.522.5
Disagree/strongly disagree37.643.566.3
Do you feel the following infections/diseases can have an important impact on the health of adults?
 Pneumonia (pneumococcal)Yes99.598.898.00.4240
Do you feel the following infections/diseases can be prevented by an adult vaccine?
 Pneumonia (pneumococcal)Yes80.791.091.50.0003
Do you offer a vaccine to prevent the following infections/diseases?
 Pneumonia (pneumococcal)Yes67.895.466.5<0.0001
Have you received a vaccine to prevent the following infections/diseases?
 Pneumonia (pneumococcal)Yes30.226.720.80.0022