Table 2

Summary table of optional SupportBack module content

Session numberContent
Session 1
  • How SupportBack works

  • How SupportBack differs from other back pain websites

  • Why activity is helpful for back pain, including:

    • Reassurance

    • Information about positive health consequences

  • Commonly asked questions and responses regarding being more active while experiencing back pain

  • Setting of activity goals: walking or back-specific exercises tailored to current functioning level

    • Access to rationales, videos and benefits of activities

    • Free to chose and amend activities

    • Set goal level within tailored suggestions

Session 2 onwards
  • Goal review

  • Feedback based on goal achievement and function level

  • Opportunity to select new goals or keep the same

  • Encouraged to select one module from the below menu

    • A new module is available to select each session

    • Patients can access their goals and selected module between sessions

Additional modulesContent
  • Stretching before bed

  • Sleeping positions

  • Sleep checklist to improve sleep hygiene

Relieving pain
  • Pain medication

  • Hot and cold therapy

  • Everyday advice

Flare ups
  • ‘First aid’ exercises

  • Taking pain killers

  • Better posture

  • Alternative ways of easing pain

  • Getting support from your employer

  • Taking breaks

  • Exercises to try at work

  • Choosing a good chair

  • Making your desk back friendly

  • Using a laptop

  • Overview of mood and its connection to pain

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness techniques for improving mood including:

    • Self-kindness

    • Increasing pleasant activities

    • Mindful walking

    • 3 min breathing space

Daily living
  • Sitting, standing and bending

  • Lifting and carrying

  • Shopping

  • Doing housework

  • In the bedroom

  • In the bathroom

  • In the kitchen

  • Gardening