Table 3

E-cigarette brands stocked, types of e-cigarette promotional materials and proximity of e-cigarettes to products of potential interest to children, at wave 2

Wave 2 (n=96)
Number of outlets selling e-cigarettes in purpose-designed displays47 (49%)
Number of outlets selling e-cigarettes not in purpose-designed displays27 (28%)
Total number of outlets selling e-cigarettes74 (77%)
Number of e-cigarette brands on sale in each outlet
 None22 (23%)
 One brand34 (35%)
 Two brands22 (23%)
 Three brands10 (10%)
 Four brands5 (5%)
 Five brands2 (2%)
 Six brands1 (1%)
Number of outlets with any e-cigarette promotional materials14 (15%)
 Change mats6 (6%)
 Posters5 (5%)
 Leaflets3 (3%)
 Dangler ads2 (2%)
 Other1 (1%)
Number of outlets with e-cigarettes displayed immediately adjacent to youth-related products
 Yes35 (36%)
 No39 (41%)
 E-cigarettes not on sale22 (23%)
Number of outlets stocking e-cigarettes next to
 Confectionery20 (21%)
 Collectible cards10 (10%)
 Mints and gum9 (9%)
 Toys and stationery4 (4%)
 Buns and cakes3 (3%)
 Frozen confection2 (2%)
 Crisps and snacks1 (1%)
 Soft drinks1 (1%)
 Magazines and comics1 (1%)
 CDs and DVDs1 (1%)