TableĀ 2

Barriers to help-seeking for memory problems

Lack of acknowledgement that there is a problem due to:
Fear of institutionalisation5
Lack of language to describe problems4
Denial from individual3
Fear of the diagnosis itself3
Unwillingness to challenge family hierarchy2
Wish to maintain position in society1
Lack of communication2
Believing that memory problems are due to:
Old age9
Social isolation/stressors9
Psychological cause/mental illness6
Another physical illness2
Spiritual cause1
Feeling that responsibility for getting better lies with:
The individual themselves2
The family1
Perceived stigma of mental illness10
Stigma of cognitive symptoms6
Expectation that family should look after their own as long as possible4
Feeling that dementia is a dangerous illness2
Healthcare system
Not knowing what help is available10
Feeling nothing can be done4
Language barrier3
Lack of culturally appropriate help2
Feeling that the diagnosis itself can never be certain1
Perception that general practitioners:
Do not have enough time in consultations5
Are not useful as a first point of contact3
Would not take concerns seriously3
Would say that memory problems are due to old age2