Table 3

Predicted daily health services use based on AQHI and pollutant levels

(Low-health risk)(Moderate-health risk)(High-health risk)
Predicted daily rate*Expected
number of visits†
Predicted daily rate*Expected
number of visits†
Per cent change‡Predicted daily rate*Expected
number of visits†
Per cent change‡
Outpatient visits (sorted by highest to lowest expected no. of visits)
 Hypertension5.8315 8346.4117 3879.87.2619 69724.4
 Diabetes10.7212 23611.7913 4509.913.3715 25824.7
 Non-lung cancers5.537 4376.388 58115.47.7210 38439.6
 Asthma1.803 3661.973 6819.32.214 14623.2
 Stroke5.212 6485.242 6660.75.292 6911.6
 COPD2.411 6602.821 94016.93.472 38843.9
 Angina1.511 5441.701 74112.82.002 04532.4
 Congestive heart failure6.191 4126.631 5127.17.261 65717.4
 Ischaemic heart disease5.181 1385.431 1934.95.791 27111.8
 Acute myocardial infarction1.883071.69276−10.31.46238−22.4
 Lung Cancer0.4690.458−3.80.428−8.5
Hospitalisations (sorted by highest to lowest expected number of visits)
 Non-lung cancers0.192500.202707.90.2229919.3
 Ischaemic heart disease0.44970.4291−6.10.3884−13.6
 Acute myocardial infarction0.40650.3659−10.30.3151−22.4
 Congestive heart failure0.24540.25586.10.276314.8
 Lung Cancer1.03200.9217−11.00.7915−23.7
  • *Predicted daily average rates per 1000 population were obtained from the adjusted Poisson regression models.

  • †Expected counts were calculated by multiplying the predicted rates to the average disease prevalence (we used the Ontario disease-specific prevalence population presented in table 1).

  • ‡Per cent change is calculated as compared to when AQHI=3.

  • AQHI, Air Quality Health Index; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.