Table 2

Similarities between children from families who joined Database of children with ASD living in North East England (Daslne), and those who joined ASD-UK

Daslne (n=1084)ASD-UK (n=1000)
Gender, %
Age at diagnosis, %
 <3 years16.621.1
 3–5 years32.137.8
 5 years 1 month–7 years16.516.3
 7 years 1 month–11 years18.516.3
 11 years 1 month +8.67.3
Type of diagnosis, %
 Asperger syndrome2317
School placement, %
 Class attached to mainstream107
 Special school2720
Learning disability, %
Mean Townsend score2.61*0.58
  • *Difference in Townsend score 2.03 on a 19-point score range; average UK Townsend score is zero; positive values indicate greater deprivation