Table 2

Baseline IBD drug class utilisation by non-anti-TNF baseline users

anti-TNF non-users (n=8186)New anti-TNF users (n=121)
nPer centNPer centp Value*
Systemic corticosteroids (oral)  <0.01
 Short course1486184940
 Maintenance therapy2163<11†
Non-biological immunomodulators37852622<0.01
Locally administered steroids971<11†<0.01
  • New anti-TNF utilisers initiated therapy after the completion of the baseline period.

  • Prevalent anti-TNF utilisers were already receiving therapy during the baseline study period (n=195) and were excluded from this analysis.

  • *Bivariate analyses is the comparison of new episodes of use to non-use (n=8307).

  • †Cell size is too small and requires suppression as part of the data use agreement.

  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.