Table 4

Clinical tests of physical mobility

BaselineAfter 6 monthsAfter 12 monthsp 0 vs 6 monthsp 0 vs 12 months
Timed up and go test (s)10.1±4.09.1±3.57.5±2.80.002<0.0001
Sit to stand test (repetitions/min)16.7±8.320.5±8.824.2±10.20.0053<0.0001
Six minute walk test (m)360±132374±134403±141NS0.0002
  • Only patients who completed all three test-series (24 of 36 patients who completed the first year, all patients from groups HA/MA) were analysed. Data are expressed as mean±SE.

  • HA, high adherence; MA moderate adherence.