Table 1

Demographic characteristics of participants (n=1835)

DemographicsAll participants (n=1835)
nPer cent
Area of residence
Financial status
 Always difficult to manage on available income22112.1
 Sometimes difficult to manage on available income53029.0
 Managing on available income is not too bad76842.1
 Easy to manage on available income30716.8
Number of children
 Three or more34919.0
Marital status
 Never married211.2
 Married/de facto176096.3
 Year 12 qualification or less29216.0
 Apprenticeship or diploma qualification43523.9
 University degree109560.1
Insurance status
 Private health insurance129671.1
 No private health insurance52728.9
Conventional maternity health professionals
 General practitioner156290.1
Birth environment
 Public hospital75141.5
 Private hospital (or private patient at public hospital)98154.1
 Birth centre/community804.4