Table 1

Description of model variables

VariableAnticipated direction of effect
Age (in decades)Older age*
First languageNon-English*
Predisability incomeHigher income*
Reimbursement for opioid prescription in the first 4weeks of a claimOpioid reimbursement*
Prior claim(s)Prior claim*
Union membershipUnion member†
Employer RTW programmeRTW programme†
Work relatednessWork related†
Reimbursement for ≥3 chiropractic treatments in the first 4weeks of a claimChiropractic care†
Reimbursement for ≥3 physiotherapy treatments in the first 4weeks of a claimPhysiotherapy care†
  • *Associated with slower claim closure.

  • †Associated with faster claim closure.

  • RTW, return to work.