Table 3

Call outcomes (out-of-hours and in-hours)

OutcomesNumber of callsPer cent of callsNumber of callsPer cent of calls
999 contacted for patient73 1176.957432.6
Patient sent to A&E via ambulance77590.7
Patient advised to go to A&E54 0465.111 8255.3
Patient advised to visit out-of-hours centre361 91834.1
Home visit to patient by doctor129 30612.2
Patient advised to contact own GP practice88 8508.442 87619.2
Doctor to phone patient74 8097.0
Patient advised to contact dentist61 80327.6
Patient advised to contact pharmacist23 9882.340521.8
Patient advised to contact other HP*72300.716480.7
Service clinician to phone patient74 3567.047 26821.1
Nurse to phone patient34 5343.3
Patient given self-care advice108 15210.216 0847.2
Information provided20 4189.1
Other†23 2822.211 9745.4
Total1 061 347100223 691100
  • *Other HP (eg, midwife, dentist, optician, etc).

  • †Outcomes occurring in less than 0.5% of out-of-hours calls or less than 0.5% of in-hours calls were grouped together as ‘other’.

  • GP, general practitioner; HP, health professional; N, number.