Table 1

Annual average fall-related mortality rates per 100 000 person-years in Slovakia 2003–2010 by age groups and sex*

Total Standardised†
Crude rate
Rate95% CI
SlovakiaMale375210120745.4846.5746.54 to 46.6
Female8226812018.1916.6516.64 to 16.67
Total19337713928.8228.2228.21 to 28.23
AustriaMale257924963359.6960.6360.61 to 60.65
Female95117942150.4835.6935.68 to 35.71
Total166119746154.1945.0345.02 to 45.04
  • *Please see electronic supplementary material for detailed data calculated for each year under study.

  • †Rates standardised for age by the direct method using the WHO World standard population.12