Table 4

Cost-effectiveness results

Complete case data setCosts (community compared to Hospital)Outcomes (community compared to Hospital)
Cost utility(cost/QALY)NCostsCIp ValueQALY*CIp Value
NHS costs199£244.24−2137010.296−0.023−0.0590.0120.194
NHS and social costs199£917.2114516880.022−0.023−0.0560.0160.194
Excludes patients on biological DMARDs185£234.40−2016690.376−0.026−0.0550.0180.259
Healthcare excluding medication costs199£51.07−3244260.790−0.024−0.0580.0100.167
NHS costs, adjusting for baseline biologics199£241.13−2176990.302−0.023−0.0560.0160.194
NHS+social costs, adjusting for baseline biologics199£488.71−21911970.176−0.023−0.0560.0160.194
Cost-effectiveness (cost/HAQ)CostsCIHAQ†CI
NHS costs194£127.09−3696240.5890.096−0.0260.2060.169
NHS and social costs194£759.86−3815580.0620.073−0.0500.1950.248
Excludes patients on biological DMARDs177£240.76−5019830.5250.076−0.0540.2060.251
Healthcare excluding medication costs194£73.72−5737190.7370.086−0.0350.2070.165
  • Bivariate regression of cost variable on treatment arm, baseline costs, age and sex; outcome variable on treatment arm, baseline outcome, age and sex, with correlation. Tested against no difference between groups.

  • Lower QALY scores denote reduced quality of life in the community arm compared to hospital.

  • *Higher HAQ scores denote worse clinical outcomes in the community arm compared to hospital.

  • †Higher costs—community arm is more expensive compared to hospital.