Table 1

Demographic features of patients

Whole sampleAged 65 years and over
Number366 32227 991
Mean (SD) age35.5 (18.8)74.7 (7.6)
Sex51.1% Male46% Male
48.9% Female54% Female
Ethnicity57.6% white59.1% white
2.1% Irish5.0% Irish
12.2% Caribbean15.2% Caribbean
8.9% African7.1% African
6.1% Asian6.6% Asian
  • ‘Older drinkers’ drinking any amount of alcohol (1 unit and above) and ‘Unsafe drinkers’ drinking over recommended limits (>21 units for men and >14 for women) are detailed in table 2, by age, sex and ethnicity for the older population. Missing ethnicity data accounted for 10.6% of older people drinking any alcohol and 14.4% for older people drinking over recommended limits. As in table 1, a further breakdown of ethnicity is shown, where this was available. Compared with the sample of older drinkers, unsafe drinkers contained a higher proportion of males, white and Irish ethnic groups; as well as a lower proportion of Caribbean, African and Asian groups.