Table 1

Individual menthol pharmacokinetic parameters

ParticipantMenthol dose (mg/kg)Cmax (ng/mL)Cmax (ng/mL per mg/kg dose)Tmax (h)Tlag (h)AUClast (ng/mL×h per mg/kg dose)AUCtot (ng/mL×h per mg/kg dose)MRT (h)
MentPK 032.0936470.5421951.42137.16.4
MentPK 043.11056342.1841198.41350.59.1
MentPK 051.9637332.831.52107.22434.87.4
MentPK 061.8458255.5821464.11879.59.4
  • AUC, area under the plasma concentration versus time curve; Cmax, apparent peak plasma concentration; MRT, mean residence time; PK, pharmacokinetic; Tlag, apparent lag time between PO administration and appearance of menthol in plasma; Tmax, time of Cmax.