Table 1

Seascale-associated cases of LNHL recorded below age 25 years in the period 1950–2006: diagnostic and other details

Case NumberDiagnosis: calendar year (age in years)SexBorn in Seascale4COMARE reference*Other diagnosis details
1SLL: 1954 (3)FYesCA few months after leaving Seascale
2ALL: 1955 (7)FNoD
3NHL: 1955 (2)FYesE
4AML: 1960 (2)MYesG
5ALL: 1968 (11)MNoH
6ALL: 1968 (4)MYesI
7ALL: 1971 (2)FYesJ
8CML: 1978 (19)MYesLA few months after leaving Seascale
9ALL: 1979 (5)FYesM
10NHL: 1983 (9)MNoN
11NHL: 1984 (1)FYesOIn ‘THORP years’†
12NHL: 1988 (23)FNoQIn ‘THORP years’†
13ALL: 1991‡(16)MNoSIn ‘THORP years’†
  • *Table 2.1.7

  • †THORP construction period (1983–1992), post-‘Black Report’.

  • ‡Peak year for numbers of construction workers on the Sellafield site.

  • ALL, acute lymphatic leukaemia; AML, acute myeloid leukaemia; CML, chronic myeloid leukaemia; COMARE, Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment; F, female; LNHL, leukaemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; M, male; SLL, subacute lymphatic leukaemia; THORP, Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant.