Table 1

Characteristics of pilot study participants

IDAgeGenderPlace of residence*Date of Mel DxSiteStage
00146FAccessible rural2010Arm1.1 mm stage 1B
00249FOther urban area2012Knee0.5 mm stage 1A
00372FAccessible rural2013Arm0.4 mm stage 1A
00469MUrban2013Breast0.8 mm stage 1A
00562MRemote rural2012EyelidM in situ stage 0
00666FRemote rural2011Cheek0.3 mm stage 1A
00772MRemote small town2009Cheek2.8 mm stage 2A
00870MRemote small town2012Shoulder0.3 mm stage 1A
009*41FRemote rural2011Back>1 mm
01067FAccessible rural2009Arm3 mm stage 2A
01178MRemote small town2008Eyebrow2.6 mm stage 2A
01242FAccessible small town2011BackM in situ stage 0
01375FAccessible rural2009Thigh1.1 mm stage 2B
01467MAccessible rural2013Shoulder2 mm stage 2A
01546FAccessible rural2011Abdomen0.6 mm stage 1A
01672MAccessible rural2011Forearm1 mm stage 1B
01765MAccessible rural2014ShoulderM in situ stage 0
01869MRemote rural2009Shoulder1.5 mm stage 1B
01944MAccessible rural2012Abdomen1.5 mm stage 1B
02044FAccessible small town2010Lower leg0.42 mm stage1A
  • Classifications from Scottish Government Urban-Rural Classification.38

  • *Staging data were not available for this patient. M, melanoma; Mel Dx, melanoma diagnosis.