Table 1

Age-standardised and sex-standardised prevalence of sociodemographic characteristics, by ethnicity and survey period, Ontario, Canada (2001–2012)

WhiteSouth AsianChineseBlack
N69 41666 876139422991405144910981425
Age, mean (years)42.342.442.342.342.342.441.842.2
Male sex49.
Marital status
 Single, never married29.631.124.626.632.
 Common law5.
Highest educational attainment (household)
 <High school graduate8.
 High school graduate14.310.913.09.012.710.911.913.9
 Some post-secondary6.
 College/university degree70.479.276.884.775.182.870.676.1
Highest educational attainment (individual)
 <High school graduate25.819.527.320.723.920.624.719.1
 High school graduate20.417.318.114.721.
 Some post-secondary7.
 College/university degree46.356.048.758.648.359.845.757.7
Urban dwelling83.181.297.398.498.398.496.197.7
Household income (mean, Canadian $)73 85890 33762 60074 41460 33979 47149 51562 378
Number of years in Canada (among immigrants)24.524.613.015.814.216.518.619.6
  • Data were derived from the Ontario components of Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Surveys.

  • All values are percentages unless otherwise specified. Estimates were age-standardised and sex-standardised to the 2001 Ontario Census population and weighted by the survey sample weight. The age and sex distributions appear almost identical due to age-standardisation and sex-standardisation.