Table 1

Demographic characteristics of Northern Ontario School of Medicine UG medical students and PG residents

Characteristic*2005–2013 UG cohorts2009–2013 PG cohorts
Age at entry: mean (SD)26.0 years (5.15) n=53730.9 (6.04), n=433
Female67.6%, 363/53763.6%, 269/423
Aboriginal7.3%, 39/5378.2%, 29/355
Francophone21.6%, 116/53726.5%, 100/378
From Northern Ontario90.5%, 486/537
From rural community in Northern Ontario30.0%, 162/537
From rural community in other regions8.6%, 46/537
Married partnered53.2%, 223/419
Canadian citizen96.5%, 418/433
NOSM UG63.7%, 276/433
Family medicine63.0%, 273/433
  • *Refer to table 2 for definitions. Cultural, linguistic and background data are based on NOSM's administrative records. All other data are from CRaNHR's surveys and/or NOSM administrative records.

  • †Includes learners who completed their UG at NOSM or at other medical schools.

  • CRaNHR, Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research; NOSM, Northern Ontario School of Medicine; PG, postgraduate; UG, undergraduate.