Table 1

Coded themes and factors potentially associated with policy and practice impacts

Study results Statistically significant intervention effects Fit with current evidence Research methodological qualityIntervention characteristics Part of an extended programme of research Novel intervention or first study of its kind Designed for ‘real world’ implementation Research embedded in practice Simple intervention or complex intervention, setting or environment
Scholarly publication Peer-review publications Peer-review publications of intervention results
Researcher and research team Experience in relation to translational activities Perceived role in relation to translation activities Multidisciplinary research team End users part of research team Consultation and engagement with end users prior to/during research
Dissemination actions (beyond scholarly publication) Oral presentations at conferences, workshops Engagement with stakeholders and end users in dissemination of findings Communication with policymakers Media
Translational outputs Availability of intervention resources/materials/protocols and/or training and/or inclusion in guidelines/recommendations Commercial opportunities
Post-research implementation context Availability of resources Community need, interest, acceptance of intervention Fit within policy context Compatibility with professional attitudes and practices Presence of a delivery mechanism Fit with existing structures, systems, services, programmes Political acceptability Good timing; windows of opportunity