TableĀ 1

Patient participation in a pilot melanoma targeted screening after an annual mailed reminder

Year after annual reminder mailingYear of inclusionp Value
Per cent(n/N)Per cent(n/N)
Proportion of included patients who attended the GP consultation54.0(2021/3745)100.0(3917/3917)<0.001
Proportion of patients referred to a dermatologist12.2(247/2021)38.3(1502/3917)<0.001
Proportion of referred patients who actually consulted the dermatologist68.8(170/247)59.1(887/1502)0.003
Proportion of patients lost to follow-up17.1(665/3897)2.6(102/3917)<0.001
Proportion of overall patients who had a dermatological skin examination15.8(616/3897)23.9(938/3917)<0.001
  • GP, general practitioner.