Table 3

Correlation coefficients between self-reported and objectively assessed physical activity data, stratified by ethnic group

Ambulatory activity (steps/day)p ValueAccelerometer derived total MVPA (min/day)*p ValueAccelerometer derived MVPA in at least 10 min bouts (min/week)*p Value
White group
 Self-reported MVPA (min/day)0.25<0.0010.35<0.0010.25<0.001
 Self-reported walking (min/day)0.17<0.0010.34<0.0010.30<0.001
SA group
 Self-reported MVPA (min/day)0.31<0.0010.470.0010.500.001
 Self-reported walking (min/day)0.23<0.0010.460.0010.490.001
  • *Data available for the walking away study only.

  • MVPA, moderate-intensity to vigorous-intensity physical activity.