Table 1

Demographic characteristics and symptom reporting of women interviewed (n=26)

nPer cent*
Age group (years)
 White British2285
 White other415
Education level
 Degree or higher degree1661
 Higher education qualification below degree level28
 A levels or highers28
 O level or GCSE equivalent311
 No formal qualifications00
Car ownership
 One or more1973
Home ownership
 Own outright727
 Own with mortgage1246
 Rent from local authority/housing association28
 Rent privately415
 Other (eg, living with family/friends/ squatting)14
Symptoms reported
 Pain in abdomen/lower back/pelvis1454
 Increased abdominal size1246
 Increased need to empty bladder more often/urgently1350
 Increased wind or constipation1246
 Difficulty eating/feeling full quickly623
 Heavier/longer periods1142
 Changes in bowel habit1038
 Pain/discomfort during sex727
 Itching, pain or soreness of vulva727
 Bleeding between periods623
 Discharge that smells unpleasant or is blood stained727
 Bleeding during/after sex623
 Growth/lump/sore/ulcer on skin of vulva727
 Bleeding after menopause00
  • *Most participants reported more than one symptom so the total % for symptoms is >100%.

  • BTEC, Business and Technology Education Council; GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education; ONC, Ordinary National Certificate.