Table 2

Summary statistics on the characteristics of 14 members of the simplified panel, 16 members of the journal panel and 2013 NHMRC panel members (where available)

CharacteristicSimplified panel (n=14)Journal panel (n=16)NHMRC (n=922)
Female, n (%)8 (57)6 (38)215 (36)*
Professor or associate professor, n (%)11 (79)11 (69)687 (75)
Previous experience with NHMRC panel, n (%)9 (64)10 (63)NA
Previous external reviewer for NHMRC, n (%)13 (93)14 (88)NA
Group of Eight universities, n (%)8 (57)9 (56)30 (30)†
Number of previously submitted NHMRC Project Grant applications, median (IQR)10 (3–18)NANA
  • *For Project Grant panel members only, whereas other results include other NHMRC panels (eg, partnership projects).

  • †From a random sample of 100 of 922 members as this information was not routinely available.

  • NA, not applicable; NHMRC, National Health and Medical Research Council.