Table 4

Family physicians’ self-reported physical activity levels

Preintervention (n=24)Postintervention (n=25)
MET minutes (median (IQR))1624 (1026–2335)1704 (1011–2542)
Low (n (%))5 (21)4 (16)
Moderate (n (%))10 (42)10 (40)
High (n (%))9 (37)11 (44)
  • Low=Reported no physical activity or not enough to reach ‘Moderate’ category.

  • Moderate=Equivalent to at least 5 days of activity with at least 30 min of activity on those days. Enough reported activity to reach public health recommendations.

  • High=A third category of physical activity associated with increased health benefits, equivalent to an hour of moderate activity daily.