Table 1

Physical activity prescription behaviours preintervention and postintervention

n (%)
n (%)
p Value
Ask (n=25)25 (100)25 (100)1.0
Assess (n=24)13 (54)18 (75)0.13
Refer (n=25)9 (36)16 (64)0.004*
Verbally counsel (n=25)25 (100)25 (100)1.0
Written prescription (n=25)10 (40)17 (68)0.04*
  • *p<0.05.

  • Ask—do physicians ask their patients about their physical activity levels?

  • Assess—do physicians assess the physical activity levels or physical fitness of their patients?

  • Refer—do physicians refer their patients to other healthcare providers for fitness assessments?

  • Verbally counsel—do physicians provide patients with verbal physical activity counselling?

  • Written prescription—do physicians provide patients with written physical activity prescriptions?