Table 2

End-of-life themes from palliative care providers

Themes and associated conceptsN*Respondents mentioning theme (%)Formulated concept mentioned within all those for that theme (%)
  • Addressing the non-physical needs

  Holistic care—spiritual, emotional and physical2326
  Patient is supported2124
  Patient is treated with respect1618
  Patient is treated with dignity1416
  Patient is in the presence of loved ones78
  Care aligns with the patient’s cultural and religious beliefs45
  Patient is safe33
  • Healthcare teams’ nature of palliative care delivery

  Accessible and provides timely care1719
  Provides compassionate care1516
  Knowledgeable and skilled1314
  Provides high-quality care1213
  Educates and provides information and resources89
  Provides continuity of care55
  Takes action and ownership for the patient55
  Involved early in the patient’s journey22
  • Patient's wishes are honoured

  Patient's wishes are fulfilled4964
  Death in a place of choice1925
  Availability of residence hospice811
  • Addressing the physical needs

  Pain and symptom management3763
  Patient is comfortable2237
  • Preparing for and accepting death

  Healthcare team assists in emotionally preparing patient for a peaceful death2144
  Creating an end-of-life care plan919
  Communicating expectations so that patients and families are prepared715
  Focus on living/quality of remaining days510
  Patients have hope that their remaining days will be good510
  Planning for the legal aspects of death12
  • Communication and relationship development

  Healthcare team communicates openly and in a timely manner1426
  Healthcare team listens to patient needs, feelings and experiences1121
  Relationship/bond formed between healthcare providers and patient1121
  Patient and families trust the healthcare team611
  Patient knows help is available and who to contact611
  Healthcare team creates options and choices for the patient and family36
  Healthcare team is honest to patients and families24
  • Involving and supporting the family

  Family needs are supported2563
  Family inclusive care1538
  • Understanding the patient and family experience

  How the journey was experienced for the patient and family1173
  Patient experienced good outcomes/death427
  • Society and the health system have a culture of supporting palliative care

  Creating the normalcy of palliative care457
  Palliative care valued by the healthcare system343
  • *N=number of unique participants citing the theme. Participants may have indicated multiple concepts within a theme.