Table 2

Exposure to SMS of study participants in the intervention arm (n=117)

NOutcome detection4DSQ completed of those who received the 4DSQ*4DSQ
Self-Management SupportReferral
 46DFT ≤4 and DS ≤32
1 of 21 mild
24Only DFT >41
3 of 32 mild
1 moderate1
14Only DS >35 of 82 moderate2
3 severe3
16DFT >4 and DS >312 of 124 moderate21
8 severe6
17No registration
Total11721 of 25117
  • *PNs were instructed to give the 4DSQ to patients with score DS >3.

  • HbA1c, glycated haemoglobin. DFT, Daily Functioning Thermometer; PAID, Problem Areas in Diabetes; IPA, Impact on Participation and Autonomy; lower mean scores reflect better outcomes. PIH, Partners in Health Scale; SF-12, Short Form Health Questionnaire Physical and Mental component, mean score Dutch population is 50; GSES, General Self-efficacy scale; higher scores refer to better outcomes.