Table 2

Frequency of mechanism of near-miss or injury among EMS responders voluntarily reporting to the NFFNMRS

Mechanism of near-miss or injuryn (%)
Assault*48 (25.7)
 Cutting, piercing instruments, objects14
 Struck by person12
 MV EMT, paramedic struck by1
Struck by Motor Vehicle40 (21.4)
MV collision31 (16.6)
Electric current13 (6.9)
Poisoning12 (6.4)
Bodily fluid exposure7 (3.7)
Fall6 (3.2)
Firearm4 (2.1)
Cutting, piercing instruments, objects6 (3.2)
Struck by5 (2.7)
Overexertion5 (2.7)
Natural, environmental4 (2.1)
Caught in-between2 (1.1)
Air transport1 (0.5)
Burn1 (0.5)
Foreign body1 (0.5)
MV rollover1 (0.5)
  • *A secondary mechanism for type of assault was identified for all narratives with an identified near-miss or injury from assault. One narrative was not assigned a secondary mechanism because the type of near-miss assault was unclear. Three narratives were assigned more than one secondary mechanism for assault.

  • †Total frequency of mechanism will be greater than n=185 because some narratives were coded with more than one mechanism of near-miss or injury.

  • EMS, Emergency Medical Services; EMT, emergency medical technicians; MV, motor vehicle; NFFNMRS, National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System