Table 1

Quantitative and qualitative coding structures

Quantitative coding categoriesQualitative coding categories
Non-fire emergency event typePolicies, procedures, practices
 Emergency medical call Staging policies
 Technical rescue Roadway shutdown policies
 Service call Vehicle safety policies
 Motor vehicle accident, auto extricationRelationships between emergency responders
Mechanism of injuryFeelings
 AssaultRecovery from work
 Struck by motor vehicleResources
 Motor vehicle collision Equipment
 Firearm Training
 Cutting/piercing instruments or objects PPE (personal protective equipment)
 Struck by objectHazards
 Electric current Vehicles
 Poisoning Assaults
 Bodily fluid exposure Biological, chemical
 Fall Weather
 Overexertion Electrical
 Caught in-between
 Air transport
 Foreign body
 Motor vehicle rollover
Nature of injury
 Infectious disease
 Open wound