TableĀ 2

Self-reported areas of expertise

Social and community healthHealth (global, public, promotion, policy); community development; community empowerment; community research; healthcare access; homelessness; immigration; international development; mental health; social inclusion; social support; sociology, research and programme development
Human rights:
Bioethics; child protection; constitutional law; discrimination/stigma; emancipatory approaches; health equity; human rights; philosophy (science, psychiatry); politics; rights activist, systematic advocacy for service users
Positive health: flourishing/positive psychology/recovery/resilienceFlourishing; happiness; peer support; measurement; mental health recovery (advocacy, research, education, family); social inclusion; injury prevention
Clinical and biomedicalBiomedical sciences, community based psychosocial rehabilitation; epidemiology; clinical psychiatry/psychology (mood disorders, psychosis), social work, occupational therapy, social psychology; social scientist; chronic health, complex trauma and healing, medicine (end-of-life care/palliative; internal medicine, haematology); HIV; pain, physical disabilities; genetics, outreach, research, youth health, forensics
Human positioning:
Medical anthropology; population health (Asia, Latin America, Inuit/First Nations, low/middle income countries); evolutionary biology; history (health, social movements); transcultural mental health, urban geography
OtherLived experience; Ehealth; music/dance/performance; event production; innovation; instruction; information and communication technologies