Table 3

12 isolated threads, including information on poster country, topic and sentiment score

ThreadCountrySummarised message topicSentiment
8475IsraelGeneral e-cigarette questions0.0526
15 055Greece(topic)−0.0135
11 011JapanAlternative smoke-free to e-cigarettes in Japan−0.012
11 349JapanE-cigarette company in Japan−0.0112
13 648LuxembourgEuropean Union policy discussion−0.0056
15 696Luxembourg(topic)0.0201
15 695Luxembourg(topic)0.0202
10 304Chile(topic)0
10 306Chile(topic)0.0034
9497PakistanE-cigarettes in Pakistan, questions on harm reduction−0.0476
1977RomaniaQuestions on regulating e-cigarettes0
11 837MalaysiaQuestions on ‘stealth’ e-cigarettes−0.0273