Table 3

What do you think overdiagnosis means? Response theme, example and frequency

ThemeExample of commentNumber(% of 500)*
 Exaggerating something that's there“Someone’s condition has been made out to be worse than what it is”11222
 Diagnosing something that's not there“Sort of pre-empting a potential disease when there isn’t one”4810
 Too much/too many diagnoses“I take it to mean something like ADHD, where previously it hadn’t been diagnosed and now it is and suddenly people find it everywhere”459
 Overprescribing“A doctor is handing out medication willy nilly”6914
 Overtreatment“Overservicing or providing greater service than is essential for the correct diagnosis”265
 Overtesting“Where too many tests are done, particularly with prostate cancer”337
 Doctors looking too much“Looking too far into a problem”214
 Patients driving it“People get on the internet and diagnosing themselves with things they don’t have”224
 Wrong diagnosis“That they haven’t diagnosed you correctly or they have given you the wrong diagnosis”204
 Doctors’ financial gain“They want to make more cost for patients and make more money or they sometimes go further to cover themselves”173
 Did not respond at all6713
 Miscellaneous/do not know/unsure6112
  • *Does not add to 100% as some responses coded to more than one theme.