Table 5

Factors associated with any breast milk intake at 6 months

FactornPer centOR95% CIAdjusted OR
95% CI
Maternal education
 No degree (ref)200/36654.61
 Degree/diploma418/54676.62.712.04 to 3.612.802.07 to 3.79
Maternal age (years)
 26 to <36 (ref)382/56168.11
 Less than 2634/6552.30.510.31 to 0.86
 ≥36193/27370.71.10.82 to 1.50
Country of birth
 Not Australia (ref)216/29373.31
 Australia401/61864.90.660.48 to 0.90
 Under 30 (ref)519/74170.01
 ≥3068/12554.40.510.35 to 0.75
Public admission
 Public (ref)404/59667.81
 Private214/31667.71.000.74 to 1.33
 Multipara (ref)317/45669.51
 Primipara310/45666.00.850.64 to 1.12
Breastfeeding intention
 <6 months (ref)69/16142.911
 ≥6 months549/75173.13.622.55 to 5.153.462.39 to 5.00
Type of birth
 Spontaneous vaginal (ref)279/37973.61
 Instrumental70/12058.30.500.33 to 0.77
 Caesarean section269/41365.10.670.49 to 0.91
Epidural for labour or birth
 No (ref)266/36672.71
 Yes352/54664.50.680.51 to 0.91
Breastfeeding problems reported at recruitment
 No (ref)465/64672.01
 Yes153/26657.50.530.39 to 0.710.580.41 to 0.81
Breast milk feeding method
 Not all direct (ref)279/46859.61
 Direct only339/44476.42.191.64 to 2.911.801.30 to 2.49
  • *n=866 for the adjusted OR calculations analysis.

  • †These variables were included in the model initially, but not being significant were removed.

  • These variables not being significant at univariate level were not included in full model.

  • BMI, body mass index; ref, reference category.