Table 3

Feeding any breast milk at 6 months, stratified by feeding method in hospital

Primipara (n=457)Multipara (n=457)All (n=924)
Feeding in hospital 24–48 h*nPer centnPer centnPer cent
Directly at breast only124/16177.0215/28376.0339/44476.4
Any EBM169/27661.289/14561.4258/42161.3
Any EBM and any formula48/9550.534/4969.482/14456.9
Any formula56/11449.147/7761.0103/19153.9
  • *Categories not mutually exclusive, that is, if infant had EBM she/he is included in rows 2 and 3, and if had some formula she/he is included in rows 3 and 4.

  • EBM, expressed breast milk.