Table 1

Participant characteristics of those who responded to the 6-month survey

Participant characteristicsn (n=914)*Per cent
Married/living with partner89097.3
Degree or higher54759.9
Public hospital care59765.3
Smoking prior to pregnancy (n=911)11712.8
English first language63669.6
Australian born (n=913)61867.7
Planned to breast feed ≥6 months 75182.2
Income ($A) (n=912)nPer cent
Declined to answer10011.0
Maternal BMI (pre-pregnancy) (n=868)n%
<18.5 (underweight)455.2
18.5–24.9 (normal weight)49156.6
25.0–29.9 (overweight)20623.7
30.0–34.9 (class I obesity)859.8
35.0–39.9 (class II obesity)252.9
≥40.0 (class III obesity)161.8
Maternal age, infant gestation and birth weightMeanSD
Maternal age (years) (n=901) (range 19–50)33.24.9
Gestational age of infant (weeks) (n=914) (range 35–42)†39.21.25
Birth weight (g) (n=914)3425559
  • *Unless ‘n’ otherwise stated.

  • †One woman inadvertently recruited when baby <37 weeks.