TableĀ 5

Negative behaviour towards partner, anxiety and depression

Anxiety binaryDepression binary
ORs95% CIp ValueSampleORs95% CIp ValueSample
Ever frightened partner3.0(2.1 to 4.2)<0.0019272.9(1.9 to 4.5)<0.001926
Ever wanted partner to ask for permission4.7(1.8 to 11.8)0.00119273.1(1.5 to 6.4)0.0018926
Ever physically hurt partner3.8(1.8 to 8.1)<0.0019271.9(0.9 to 4.1)0.089926
Perpetrated negative behaviours in past year4.6(2.2 to 9.7)<0.0019133.0(1.4 to 6.2)0.0033912
In abusive relationship in the past3.3(2.1 to 5.2)<0.0019032.1(1.3 to 3.4)0.0020902
  • The table reports ORs from logistic regressions for the mental health outcomes that include each of the listed experiences of NBs in turn, and controls for age, income, education, house ownership and sampling stratification. All CIs calculated as per Ng et al, 2013.