Table 5

Crude and adjusted associations between length of bone metastasis-free interval and mortality during the first year following a diagnosis of bone metastasis in patients with breast cancer (N=2427)

Crude HR (95% CI)Adjusted HR* (95% CI)
Length of bone metastasis-free interval (years)
 1 to <32.00 (1.73 to 2.31)2.64 (2.23 to 3.12)
 3 to <51.74 (1.48 to 2.06)2.45 (2.02 to 2.97)
 ≥51.47 (1.23 to 1.77)2.21 (1.77 to 2.76)
  • *Adjusted for age at breast cancer diagnosis, time period of breast cancer diagnosis, estrogen receptor status, level of comorbidity, other metastases recorded at or before bone metastasis diagnosis and stage of disease at breast cancer diagnosis.