Table 4

Comparison of the relationships of environment measures with non-transport sitting, motorised transport and walking in Hong Kong older adults

MeasureAssociation with non-transport sitting time (current study)Association with motorised transport (current study)Association with walking (previous publications with the same population sample)
Signs of crime/disorder*+ walking for transport, overall and within neighbourhood22
− walking for recreation20
Street lights†+ walking for transport within the neighbourhood22
Pedestrian safety− (daily minutes)
− (frequency)
Public facilities (benches and public toilets)*+ walking for recreation20
+ walking for transport28
Sloping streets*++ (frequency)− walking for transport to retail and service destinations22
Place of worship†++ (frequency)+ walking for transport within the neighbourhood22
Public transit points*+ (frequency)+ overall walking for transport28
  • *Prevalence.

  • †Presence.

  • −, Negative association; +, positive association.