TableĀ 3

Confirmatory factor analysis of the 22 items confirming a unidimensional structure

Explanatory variableRegression weightSEp Value
The doctor does appropriate blood tests and other tests to diagnose my disease0.5650.01<0.001
The doctor gives appropriate medications for my disease0.6530.078<0.001
The doctor prescribes appropriate number of medicines based on the nature of the illness0.6720.083<0.001
The doctor prescribed more expensive medicines for serious illnesses0.4310.088<0.001
The doctor's treatment relieves the illness quickly0.7320.081<0.001
The illness gets relieved with just one visit, there is no need for repeat visits0.6520.089<0.001
There are no side effects to the medicines prescribed by the doctor0.6130.092<0.001
Friends, relatives and neighbours speak well about the treatment provided by the doctor0.5920.085<0.001
Friends, relatives and neighbours recommend me to go to the doctor0.6390.087<0.001
I get the confidence that all my illness will get alright when I go to the doctor0.6870.084<0.001
There is a big crowd in the clinic of the doctor0.4930.075<0.001
If I go to the doctor, I will surely get good treatment for my illness0.7310.081<0.001
The doctor gives me good treatment irrespective of whether or not I have money to pay0.4360.096<0.001
The main intention of the doctor is to treat my illness and not anything else0.6440.09<0.001
Irrespective of what time of the day it is, whenever I go, I can get good treatment from the doctor0.5650.1<0.001
Whatever illness I have, I will go only to this doctor0.5810.104<0.001
Even if I go to another doctor, I will take the treatment only if this doctor approves it0.4270.105<0.001
I will bring my family members only to this doctor0.6130.095<0.001
I will recommend only this doctor to all those who ask me0.7020.098<0.001
I respect the doctor a lot0.7620.084<0.001
I think the doctor is a very learned person0.7000.088<0.001
I admire the doctor0.6030.102<0.001