Table 2

Classical test properties of the selected 22 items of the new trust in physician scale

ItemItem to total correlationCronbach’s α if item deleted
The doctor does appropriate blood tests and other tests to diagnose my disease0.5320.924
The doctor gives appropriate medications for my disease0.6190.923
The doctor prescribes appropriate number of medicines based on the nature of the illness0.6360.922
The doctor prescribes more expensive medicines for serious illnesses0.4060.927
The doctor's treatment relieves the illness quickly0.6840.922
The illness gets relieved with just one visit, there is no need for repeat visits0.6170.923
There are no side effects to the medicines prescribed by the doctor0.5890.923
Friends, relatives and neighbours speak well about the treatment provided by the doctor0.5810.923
Friends, relatives and neighbours recommend me to go to the doctor0.6130.923
I get the confidence that all my illness will get alright when I go to the doctor0.6600.922
There is a big crowd in the clinic of the doctor0.4690.925
If I go to the doctor, I will surely get good treatment for my illness0.6750.922
The doctor gives me good treatment irrespective of whether or not I have money to pay0.4550.926
The main intention of the doctor is to treat my illness and not anything else0.6370.922
Irrespective of what time of the day it is, whenever I go, I can get good treatment from the doctor0.4910.925
Whatever illness I have, I will go only to this doctor0.5910.923
Even if I go to another doctor, I will take the treatment only if this doctor approves it0.4570.927
I will bring my family members only to this doctor0.6200.923
I will recommend only this doctor to all those who ask me0.6950.921
I respect the doctor a lot0.7200.921
I think the doctor is a very learned person0.6620.922
I admire the doctor0.6050.923