Table 5

Multiple hierarchical regressions (ratios of variance and standardised β weights)

Explanatory variablesWFC
βR2R2 change
Step 1: Sociodemographic variables0.050.05
 Marital status0.05
 Years of experience−0.11*
Step 2: Personal resources0.150.10
Step 3: Job demands0.240.09
 Quantitative demands0.26**
 Emotional demands−0.04
Step 4: Job resources0.410.17
 Influence at work−0.12*
 Possibilities for development−0.23**
 Degree of freedom at work−0.16*
 Sense of community−0.18**
 Quality of leadership−0.16**
 Social support−0.14*
 Social relationships−0.13*
Total R20.41
  • β, standardised β-coefficients from the final step of the model. R2, explanation rate. ΔR2, change in the explanation rate at each step. *p<0.05; **p<0.01.

  • WFC, work–family conflict.