Table 2

Unadjusted multinomial logistic regression analysis comparing the relative effect of obesity determinants on change in weight status over time

WavesChange in weight statusFruit and vegetablesHigh-fat foodsSugar-sweetened beveragesComputer use; weekComputer use; weekendTelevision use; weekTelevision use; weekend
RRRSEp ValueRRRSEp ValueRRRSEp ValueRRRSEp ValueRRRSEp ValueRRRSEp ValueRRRSEp Value
Wave 1–21*
Wave 2–310.990.040.861.020.070.720.990.050.791.
Wave 3–410.920.
Wave 1–311.000.040.901.<0.010.970.090.761.<0.01
Wave 1–410.940.<<
  • The relative risk ratio is represented by RRR, the SE by the significance by p value. The level of significance was set at p<0.05 and bold indicates significant results.

  • *Note: 0=normal to normal (referent), 1=normal to overweight/obese, 2=overweight/obese to overweight/obese, 3=overweight/obese to normal.