Table 2

Mean scores for the domains and dimensions of the European Practice Assessment instrument

Domains and dimension*Number of indicatorsT1 (n=45)T2 (n=45)T3 (n=45)Time effect
F (p value)†
Quality and safety4477.686.288.422.81 (<0.01)
 Complaint management566.788.999.319.72 (<0.01)
 Analysis of critical incidents383.092.699.78.726 (0.01)
 Labour489.793.189.21.200 (0.31)
 Safety of staff and patients, hygiene, infection control1797.695.898.20.617 (0.54)
 Quality development, quality policy965.268.877.09.358 (<0.01)
 Detection of quality and safety problems667. (0.02)
Infrastructure3467.370.971.81.822 (0.17)
 Accessibility and availability678.682.883.71.196 (0.31)
 Disabled access468.773.472.90.463 (0.63)
 Premises691.593.094.00.469 (0.63)
 Medical equipment including drugs1244.155.756.73.675 (0.03)
 Non-medical equipment127.322.722.70.138 (0.87)
 IT security593.898.499.31.411 (0.25)
Information4372.375.785.527.901 (<0.01)
 Confidentiality and privacy270.665.079.17.653 (<0.01)
 Prevention345.250.468.13.565 (0.04)
 Clinical data, patient records1179.979.985.11.639 (0.21)
 Information for staff396.392.695.60.827 (0.44)
 Information for patients on medical care367.477.881.53.671 (0.03)
 Use of computers480.078.385.61.706 (0.19)
 Communication with other healthcare providers684.491.991.92.747 (0.08)
 Information for patients on practice, practice policy and community resources1130.643.052.06.535 (0.01)
Finance871.275.681.44.073 (0.02)
 Financial leadership and responsibilities493.397.898.93.470 (0.04)
 Financial planning128.928.949.02.633 (0.08)
 Annual report (retrospective)391.510096.36.863 (0.01)
Total12976.981.288.233.864 (<0.01)
  • *Please find more information about the meaning of each dimension within Götz et al.15

  • †Statistical significance of differences p<0.05; T1 First assessment, T2 Reassessment, T3 Re-reassessment.