Table 4

Delay times from symptom onset to first medical contact (FMC), from FMC to diagnosis (ie, ECG), and total delay time, n=429

Median25th Centile75th Centilep Value*
Patient delay time
 Symptom onset to FMC
  Emergency Medical Services0:570:251:44
  Swedish Healthcare Direct1:140:273:250.08
  Primary Healthcare Centre (direct)1:300:303:420.06
  Primary Healthcare Centre (telephone)3:571:2227:54<0.001
  Emergency room2:331:065:45<0.001
System delay time
 FMC to diagnosis
  Emergency Medical Services0:240:150:39
  Swedish Healthcare Direct0:450:261:15<0.001
  Primary Healthcare Centre (direct)0:370:111:170.11
  Primary Healthcare Centre (telephone)1:050:322:42<0.001
  Emergency room0:110:070:25<0.001
Total delay time
 Symptom onset to diagnosis
  Emergency Medical Services1:210:542:33
  Swedish Healthcare Direct1:591:104:11<0.001
  Primary Healthcare Centre (direct)2:071:115:46<0.01
  Primary Healthcare Centre (telephone)5:021:5829:33<0.001
  Emergency room2:441:326:48<0.001
  • *Comparison (Mann-Whitney U test) between Emergency Medical Services and all other first medical contacts.