Table 3

Intensive care patient and relative biographies

Interview numberAgeSexEthnicityICU/HDU stayConditionBaby's outcome
NM0134FWhite British2 days/3 daysUterine ruptureSurvived
NM0233M (partner)White BritishSurvived
NM0335FWhite British3+ daysPPH and hysterectomySurvived
NM0440M (partner)White BritishSurvived
NM0630FWhite BritishICU 12 hPPH and hysterectomySurvived
NM0731FWhite BritishHDUUterine ruptureDied
NM0833M (husband)White BritishHDUDied
NM0942FWhite BritishICU/HDU 8 days/2 daysAFESurvived
NM1031FWhite AustralianHDU 2 daysHELLPSurvived
NM1132M (partner)White AustralianSurvived
NM1234FWhite BritishICU/HDU 2 days/2 daysHELLPSurvived
NM1324FWhite BritishICU several daysPlacenta praevia, hysterectomySurvived
NM1429M (husband)White BritishSurvived
NM1942FWhite BritishICU 3 daysPPH and hysterectomySurvived
NM2838FWhite BritishICUObstetric cholestasis and emergency surgeryTwins, survived
NM2948M (husband)White BritishICUSurvived
NM3428FBritish ChineseICU 5 daysAcute fatty liver and hysterectomySurvived
NM3539M (husband NM09)White BritishICUAFE and hysterectomySurvived
NM3732FJewishICU 12+ daysAFE and hysterectomyDied
NM3829FWhite BritishHDU (few hours)PPHSurvived
NM3933F (partner of NM38)White BritishSurvived
NM4021FWhite BritishICU 10+ daysSepticaemia and hysterectomySurvived
NM4429FWhite BritishICU 8+ daysPPH and hysterectomySurvived
NM4534FBritish PakistaniICU/HDU 3 days/12 daysPlacenta percretaSurvived
NM4743FWhite BritishICU 2 daysAFESurvived
NM4840M (partner)White BritishSurvived
NM4940FWhite BritishICU/HDUPlacenta percreta and DVTSurvived
  • AFE, amniotic fluid embolism; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; F, female; HDU, high dependency unit; HELLP, hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count; ICU, intensive care unit; M, male; PPH, post partum haemorrhage.