Table 3

Clinical improvement by rapid urine LAM test result

NWeight change in the following month (kg) (mean±SD)p ValueTB symptoms NOT resolving in the following month (mean±SD)p ValueClinical improvement in the following month (%)p Value
Baseline visit
 Rapid LAM negative560.8±2.70.6±0.996.4
 Rapid LAM positive29−0.1±±1.20.1789.70.33
2-month follow-up
 Rapid LAM negative600.7±2.40.6±1.090.0
 Rapid LAM positive12−0.5±±1.10.4183.30.61
6-month follow-up*
 Rapid LAM negative451.0±1.80.2±0.5100
 Rapid LAM positive50.4±0.90.520.4±0.90.411001.00
  • *Data represent change from the 5-month to the 6-month follow-up visits.

  • LAM, lipoarabinomannan; TB, tuberculosis.